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The Man of Iron
Memoirs of Anthony Edward Stark
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22nd-Mar-2007 06:50 pm - The Dam Breaks...
*After making his appearance in the Nexus, Tony PINpointed back to the expansive HQ he'd set up in an empty area of the Nexus, outside the AV field. The larger buildings were already being taken apart, and transported through the portal he'd set up, the last shipment for the day had just gone through. Now the  base was quiet, just the sounds of the few men who'd stayed behind to help oversee the operation, as Tony wanders through the deserted compound, stepping into the room where his armor was kept.

It would be nice to take another flight around the Nexus. Stepping into it, he walked out, his helmet tucked under his arm and looked up around the compound. The large sleep-ray guns were still on the walls, waiting to be dismantled and transported back, he'd have to see to those, they looked far too threatening. He stopped a nearby soldier.*

Status report on the operations so far, lieutenant.

"It's all going well, Mr. Stark, sir. No foul ups except for that pile of girders we dropped this morning."

I'll go see to that.

"Thank you sir."

*He saluted the soldier and walked off toward a pile of girders strewn haphazardly over the ground. His suit's magnetics already warming up allowing him to lift them and pile them neatly it would be a long night.*        
19th-Mar-2007 09:57 pm - OOC Plot Post
so patriotic
Alright. Here's an idea I had. Originally, I was planning to have Tony attack and attempt to capture the "bad guys" on at a time. But seeing how many names there are... Eesh. So, my idea is. Tony will issue a challenge to all the 'bad guys' in the Nexus. Basically a,

"You win, you don't register, and I submit to the Chaos that is the Nexus. I win you all register." kinda thing.

He'll give them his location and then whoever is up to it can launch an attack against his base. He'd probably have to retreat, then we can have another big battle after the hunt him down. If the muns so choose.

All in favor, say "Aye."

I'm also open to added ideas for the plot. Thank you!
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